Essential oils in our products

At sanasta, we love helping others with all natural remedies. Our team enjoys mixing essential oils to produce aromatic and therapeutic blends and salves. We thoroughly research our distillers and distributors to ensure we only use high quality essential oils along with the organic ingredients in our sanastaWellness products.









sanasta is proud to be your essential oil mixologist or your secret DIYer

Have you found a recipe you’d love to try but don’t have all the essential oils? Perhaps you’d rather test out a blend before purchasing large quantities of oils. Send us the recipe and we’ll mix it for you. 







Or peruse through our popular blends from the sanastaEsscentials collection.  



a quiet mind

Zen Blend

restful sleep.  meditation.  mindfulness.


a birch in the hand

Joint & Muscle Salve

arthritis.  muscle cramps.  back pains.

oh happy day!!!

Invigorating Blend

energizing.  uplifting.  happiness.

Customer Testimonials

Jeremy p.
Fort Myers, FL

“I love the small sample you sent me. It works wonders with my arthritic hands. There’s just one problem, I need more! Please let me know ASAP.”

Grounding Blend
Tami G.
New York, NY

“I carry my oil with me everyday – can’t Thk u enough! It truly helps!”

headache buster
Nicole B.
White plains, ny

“I use the headache one a lot. Thanks, yes that one is amazing.”

Annette H. & EJ
New york, ny

“We are so hooked on your products – you have a fan club. They work! And the STRAIN, STRAIN GO AWAY oil really helped me a lot. Thank you. I stand by all your products.”