Paw Wax


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Paw Wax

Skincare for paw pads 

Why Paw Wax?  Our furry companions deserve healthy skin, especially on their hard-working paw pads.

  • nourishing skincare for dry or sensitive paw pads
  • a layer of protection against outdoor germies (salt, harsh chemicals, etc.)
  • all natural, organic ingredients
  • mini-massage time for paws

All ya gotta do is rub a small amount onto paw pads before and after outdoor ventures or whenever a little skin TLC is needed.

  • Keep in mind: hardwood floors can be slippery after application
  • Try applying to paw pads when your furbaby has settled in for naptime



  • Local beeswax
  • Organic Coconut oil
  • Organic Avocado oil
  • Organic Calendula oil and petals

Paw Wax is purrrrfect for kitty cats!  



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